Top 4 Features Your Retail Software Must Have


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Feature of Retail Software

Every now and then we witness businessmen exploring new techniques to proffer their business in order to stay on top of this competitive market. But, unfortunately, strict adherence to new techniques doesn’t ensure success or growth in revenue instead sometimes, it cost a lot of money. If you are also a businessman and trying hard to increase the efficiency of your retail business, here are a few tips to automate your retail business and thereby increasing its efficiency by implementing a retail software.

Though, we have a lot of retail software available in the market but not every software is the best for you.

Scale your software on the parameters given below before investing.

Can you integrate your software with the software of your distributors and vendors?

Software which can integrate/ communicate with other similar software is more beneficial for a businessman and this facility is provided in Marg. Running a retail store involves processes like ordering a new product, proper storage of a product (Inventory Management), and rotation/ delivery of product to the end customer within time. These processes can become much easier if we can communicate with the distributors and vendors directly through the software. And the Software is integrated with distributors and vendors which can help a retailers to place orders online; generate and send purchase orders through the software without any manual intervention, also allowing them to check the stock available. With a fast and error-free placement of orders to your vendors & distributors, you can reduce storage & rotate your products faster which ultimately leads to more sales, increased productivity and growth in revenue.

Can you integrate your software with an Accounting software?

Marg Retail Billing Software is one such software that can be integrated with accounting software. It is one of the best ways to eliminate manual errors in your work processes. This allows automatic synchronization of bills directly from the software, automatic reconciliation of bank transactions, suspense entry tracking and shows exact status of payments already made to the vendors and payments due till date.

Is your software integrated with Commercial Banks?

Marg ERP retail software is integrated with a commercial bank which offers various banking options within the software like option for making payments to vendors through various payment modes like (NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/Fund transfer), Advance Payment Scheduling, Fraud-less/secured Internet Based Cheque Printing Facility, real-time Check Bank Balance, Automatic ledger entry, and Maker – Checker Payment System etc.

Is your software comes integrated with Mobile Applications?

What can give a boost to your retail business is a retail application integrated with your software. Manage your retail store like a pro with Marg Retail Software integrated with eRetail Ordering App designed specifically for retail chains & stores. It empowers retailers to place orders to their suppliers/distributors at their fingertips. With this user-friendly mobile app for retailers, you can track the status of orders placed, bill generated, order dispatches & short supplies before the order arrives, all at one place. This unique app facilitates retailers to manage their business processes through their mobile phones whenever they are stuck with some other significant activities.


If you have a retail store and you want to automate your retail business in a way that ensures business growth; you must try Marg ERP retail software, which is designed especially for retailers looking at their present needs and market demand.


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