Gold Bonds (2019-20 Series VIII) Opened 13th January to 17th January 2020

Gold Bonds

Sovereign Gold Bonds

Sovereign Gold Bonds (2019-20 Series VIII) opened at 13th January 2020 to 17th January 2020. The government is issuing gold bonds in units; each unit of Gold bond price is 4,016 rupees. Investors can get 50 rupees discount benefits if they buy units by the online medium. With 50 rupees benefit, each unit cost will be 3,966 rupees. 

Lock-In Period – One can invest in government gold bonds for eight years. However, for withdrawal, gold bonds can be sold after 5th years, which is calculated from the issue date.

Tax-Free Benefits – Investors will get one exclusive tax-free benefits on capital gains. 3% of GST will not be levied on Gold bonds India. This tax-free benefit is not given to other instruments like gold ETF, physical Gold, and Gold Funds.

Gold bond Interest Rates – With Gold bonds, the investor will get a 2.5% yearly interest, which is taxable. 

Advantages of Gold Bonds 

  • Gold bonds can be used as security for loans. 
  • Payment can be made through Internet banking, cheque, demand draft, and cash. One can buy gold bonds with cash up to 20,000. 
  • There is no security issue because the investor will get gold units in the Paper or Demat account. 
  • This investment will give interest per year. 
  • One can gift and transfer the bond.
  • These bonds are tradable on the stock exchange. 
  • Investment in Gold is always safe if it is invested in the long term. 
  • There will be no tax on capital gains. 
  • One can buy gold bonds for children’s future studies, retirement, etc. 

What risks involved in Gold Bonds?

There is only one risk involved if the gold prices will go down. On withdrawal, appreciation and depreciation will be given as per the recent gold prices. However, You will get 2.5% interest as per the norms. 

How to Invest in Gold Bonds?

Indian Resident individual, group, trust, HUF are eligible to invest in Gold Bonds. Guardians can purchase these Gold Bonds on behalf of Minor. Any individual or undivided Hindu family can buy a maximum of 4kg Gold Units, and Trusts and similar entities can buy a maximum of 20kg. 

One can invest in Gold bonds by filling application form at issuing banks and post offices. Or can download application form from Reserve Bank of India Website. Download from –

Many banks like State Bank of India and Kotak Mahindra Bank is giving facility to apply in Gold Bonds. 

Document Required for Gold Bond

PAN Card (issued by Income Tax Department) is mandatory for buying Gold bonds. Without PAN Card, one cannot apply for Gold Bonds. 

How to sell Gold Bonds?

Gold bonds can be sold through branches and offices of National Banks, Scheduled Foreign Banks, Scheduled Private Banks, Stock Holding Corporation of India, and Designated Post Offices. 

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