GST Software: Uniqueness and Features

GST Software: Uniqueness and Features

What are Important features of Marg GST Software?

After the implementation of GST, one of the biggest challenges faced by both taxpayer & accountants is the complexity in tax compliance. For example, tax compliance includes GST return filing, claiming a tax refund, multiple tax returns, etc. Similarly, taxpayers have to issue GST compliant e-invoices.

E-invoices need to have components like HSN/SAC Codes, GSTIN of the supplier and the recipient, GST Rates etc. Further, they face challenges in keeping the track of all new amendments introduced by the GST Council via notifications and circulars.

Such a complex situation makes it difficult for both taxpayer & accountants to file fully compliant GST returns on time. So, to avoid delays in taxes & such issues, businesses are advised to use GST Accounting Software.

A good GST Accounting Software enables the taxpayers, accounting professionals and business owners to generate GST ready invoices effortlessly, file GST returns timely, organize GST reports and maintain all accounting data seamlessly.

One such software is Marg GST software which is affordable & provides you with the best GST Billing and Returns Filing experience. Marg GST Billing software aims at reducing your business operation cost by significantly reducing the compliance time. It fastens the entire process of return filing as you can directly push transactions into Excel, JSON or CSV format from the software on to GST Portal & file returns in a few clicks.

Let us discuss few important unique features of Marg GST Billing software:

Important unique features of Marg GST Billing software

1. GST Invoices & Billing

With Marg GST invoice software you can generate GST compliant invoices in a few seconds and can also track invoice. It improves the billing speed by 40% with multiple advanced shortcuts & search options like Barcode etc.

2. GST Reports & Return Filing

One of the biggest advantages of Marg GST filing software is that it can create GST Invoices & push transactions directly into the GSTN portal in Excel, JSON or CSV Format & File GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3B, GSTR 4, GSTR 9 directly from the software. This saves a lot of time & efforts that go wasted in filing return manually. Moreover, you are not dependent on any accountant for maintaining your books.

3. GSTR 2A Reconciliation

GSTR 2A reconciliation in Marg e-invoice software is very easy. Simply reconcile GSTR 2A of the entire year without even logging in to the GST portal frequently. Download GSTR-2A auto-populated purchase bills in order to match them in Marg GST software.

4. Tax Clubbing

Automatically club together both input & output tax of a particular month and further pass a general entry at the end of the month required for GST Payable.

5. Easy Accounting

No manual data entry required with Marg GST software. Easily import and export all data with just a click. Check Account Balance, Account History, Invoices, Quotations, Payments and Alerts everything that smooths your business accounting till maintaining the Balance Sheet. Marg GST software helps you at every step by digitizing & automating all your accounting.

6. E-Invoicing

Another challenge that is faced by the maximum of the small & medium-sized businesses. Marg e-invoice software is ready with e-invoicing. Marg GST software is equipped with all necessary e-invoice format & requirement notified by the government. You can gen Upload your B2B transaction invoices authenticated by Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) of Registered Partyโ€™s Credit & Debit Note on the GSTN portal electronically & reconcile directly.

7. Internal Audit

Internal audit is an important process of accounting. Running an internal audit is a crucial part that you need to master to avoid any mistakes & errors. Well, Marg GST software automatically validates the data for any errors and gives you alerts during the internal audit. It is that simple with Marg ERP software. You donโ€™t have to worry about anything. It also validates the GSTIN of the suppliers to file 100% error-free returns.

8. GST RCM Statement & E-way bill

Marg software lets you generate GST RCM statement when GST is to be paid and deposited against the Goods/ Services. You can also generate Single, Multiple & Bulk e-way bill to directly upload on the portal. An E-way bill is the most important document that is required for the movement of goods. Manually creating e-way bills is very time consuming, therefore it is beneficial to generate e-way bill via software which will be then automatically shared with the buyer as well.


Marg GST software provides the most simple & user-friendly interface for filing the 100% error-free TDS/ TCS returns online as per the norms of TRACES and CPC, India.

10. Online Banking

Experience uninterrupted online banking inside Marg ERP integrated with ICICI Bank. Manage all type of bank transactions i.e. NEFT, RTGS etc. including Auto-Bank Reconciliation with 140+ Banks.

11. Digital Payment

To simplify the payment & collection problems Marg ERP has launched Indiaโ€™s first B2B payment collection platform- MargPay. MargPay provides secure Payment Modes, Bill-by-bill Reconciliation, Same-day Settlement, Business Loans etc. to small & medium businesses for better financial growth.

Marg GST Software for Billing & Accounting can be customized as per the business you are doing without any hassle. Marg GST Software provides you with the option to send the bills through email automatically which saves time. With Marg GST Software, you can also switch over anywhere from bill to bill which saves a lot of time.

Marg GST Software enables you to easily reconcile GSTR 2, GSTR 2A without logging in to GST portal frequently and download the purchase bills in order to match them in the software. We always keep you up-to-date on all the critical numbers & taxes with 1000+ MIS reports that can be customized according to your company requirement. Marg GST billing software is the best way to file your taxes along with managing your business, as you get complete business solutions in one place. Stay GST Compliant with Marg ERP & leave your tax filing burden to us!

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Conclusion To Marg GST Software

The technology trends that are equipped in Marg GST invoice software are constructive to streamline your business processes. You don’t have to spend hours checking tax returns. You can easily sync your account books with GST returns using Marg GST software. All in all, GST solutions can make things more comfortable in your organization and give you the best returns on investment.

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