TDS Mismatch Rectification between TDS Statement & Form 26AS


Are you stressed because of continuous mismatching of the TDS statement and Form 26AS? If yes, then don’t worry. In this blog, we will let you know about the resolution of the TDS account and Form 26 AS. So let us get started:

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What is the TDS statement?

Tax is a must to pay for every earning person. Those people who are making the tax-deductible payments, it is essential for them to file for the TDS statement quarterly. The TDS statement is made to show how much the taxpayer received from the tax-deductible items. There is some amount; the taxpayer gets for his tax-deductible amount. In the TDS statement, the data about that particular collected information is mentioned. In the report, the way of payment is also written. Plus, it contains the tax deducted from the amount he made. By taking the help of this TDS statement, the deductor used to apply for Form 16 and Form 16A. In the section of Form 16, it is made for the TDS on salary.

On the other hand, Form 16A states for TDS on other income. It is made annually or quarterly. Late on the TDS mismatch happened, for which you need to know about the Form 26AS.¬

What is Form 26AS?¬

The company, which has the amount of deducted tax, credits it. The company is crediting the amount via banks. In the Tax Information Network (TIN), the TDS information needed to be mentioned. It is necessary to provide quarterly information in the details. With the help of the TDS information, you have given to the TIN central system. The team analyzes the information given to them before it gets converted into any ledge. It is known as the Form 26AS. With the help of Form 26 AS, it provides a view of the total income earned by the individual. All tax deducts are to be mentioned in Form 26 AS.¬

Mismatch reason between TDS and Form 26AS:¬

There are many cases in which the information of the TDS statement, Form 16 and Form 16A, is different from the information mentioned in Form 26 AS. There are many reasons for this TDS mismatch in 26AS details, such as:

  • ¬†It occurs when the depositor does not fill the TDS statement on time.¬
  • The amount given in the TDS return might not be accurate.¬
  • Omission the return of TDS.¬
  • Difference between the exact TDS deducted and the TDS quoted.¬
  • The information mentioned in the TDS return about the assessee is not correct.¬
  • The mistakes committed in Challan identification number (CIN)
  • The PAN Card Number quoted on the TDS return is not correct.¬†¬

Rectify The Mismatches:

  • Many mismatches occur because of the wrong information mentioned in the TDS return. To rectify this mistake, you need to talk to the deductor. Ask him to revise the TDS return file again to make the changes required necessary.¬
  • The TDS mismatch rectification can be done when the assessee asks for the reason to mention for mismatch by the department of income tax. The purpose of the mismatch should be mentioned on the online portal.¬†¬

Consequence Occurs Because of The Mismatch:¬

To identify the mismatches in the TDS statement and Form 26as, the ITR processing become advanced. There are many software and links present by which mismatches can be identified. The consequences of the tax credit mismatch 26 AS are:

  • The facility of pre-fill is given to people. With the help of these facilities available, the information mentioned in 26AS can be filled automatically. In the case of the pre-filled mismatches, the data can be automatically caught by the computerized processes.¬
  • It can cause a delay in the process of the income tax return
  • Refund amount from the tax deducted is delayed¬

Here is enough information you found, hope you understood about the mismatch concept between TDS statement and Form 26AS clearly.


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