Making TRAN1 & TRAN2 Filing Easy For You !!


With the country already geared up in filing various returns under GST, the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) has provided the TRAN 1 and TRAN 2 forms, which help the businesses across India in carrying forward their input tax credit.

The GST and its various return filing features are slowly getting acceptance in the various business community across India and today each state has prompted with a positive response about GST. Moreover, the state-wise elections have also favored the GST regime.

The TRAN1 form could be filed by registered/unregistered business owners under GST who were already registered under the old laws of indirect tax whereas the TRAN 2 form can be filed by any unregistered person.

The TRAN 1 form is the platform wherein all the taxpayers looking to get their transitional credit could get it within a time span of 90 days.

The taxpayer needs to submit a declaration in form GST TRAN 1, which should be duly signed on the common portal specifying therein, separately, the amount of input tax credit of eligible duties and taxes, as defined under section 140, to which the taxpayer is entitled under the provisions.

As per various amendments made in the first six months of GST journey, the TRAN 1 filing dates has been extended until 31st December 2017.

So all the VAT Dealers who were looking for excise credits expected to vary from 40% to 60% will now need to file in TRAN1 form to get their input tax credited.

TRAN2 filing
For taxpayers looking for input credit not having valid invoice will need to file the TRAN2 form at the end of every month. For example for filing TRAN 2 for the month of July, the businesses will need to file TRAN2 in the month of August.

The TRAN 2 form must have the details of all the opening stocks for the tax period. It will have the HSN code for each item along with the total unit and quantity.

Next, we have to add the total outward supply made consisting the quantity, value, total central taxes, integrated taxes and the ITC allowed varying from 40 % to 60%.

Conditions for claiming Input Transitional credit
1. Any registered person who is a manufacturer or a provider of exempted goods/services, works, first/stage dealer who is currently not liable for registration.
2. In case of finished goods those entitled to get the ITC includes:

  • The stock used for making supply is taxable under this act
  • The person should have an invoice or prescribed documents.
  • All these documents or invoices should not be issued earlier than 12 months from 1st July.


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