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What is GST Helpdesk Mail ID and Helpline Number?

Goods and Service Tax is a consolidation of several indirect taxes, such as Service Tax, VAT, CST, etc., and it is charged on a consumption basis and collected on the value of every product in the supply chain. This consolidation of taxes based on consumption in the last regime of indirect taxes has brought validation in the indirect tax structure. The GST system aims to bring efficiency, transparency, and speed in administration and implementation of tax and make indirect tax structure easier. 

The Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) has been established to make the taxation process easier. GSTN is a GST Council’s initiative on income tax to bring a uniform interface for an ordinary taxpayer and a shared infrastructure between the states and the central government. 

The GSTN has developed the GST Common Portal, which serves as the complete income tax ecosystem’s frontier. The taxpayer can prepare GST documents to pay taxes through banks, register, and file GST returns. On the other side, the IT infrastructure of State Tax and CBIC departments works in the backend. These systems are assigned to manage functions related to tax administration, including registration assessment, approval, adjudication, and audit.

Despite all such initiatives and steps, there are so many issues and loopholes in implementation. The GST Council has started the GST helpdesk and other mediums to resolve these issues.

GST Helpline Number

GST Helpline number is the most popular and convenient way to reach various authorities. These helpline numbers can connect you to multiple departments:

GSTN Helpdesk 0120-4888999
CBIC GST 1800-1200-232
ICEGATE Help Desk 1800-3010-1000
Saksham Seva 1800-266-2232 or 1800-121-4560
GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs) Location-wise
GST Seva Kendras As per zones

GST Portals

GST Helpdesk Through Mail ID

GSTN Help Desk
Saksham Seva
GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs) Multiple email IDs
GST Seva Kendra (GSK)

*You can avail specific services through GST Saksham Seva, such as creating and resetting SSO/ICEGATE email ID and password, network/hardware troubleshooting, and mapping.

GST Helpline Options

Here are some of the initiatives from the government to help the taxpayers:

  • Saksham Seva
  • GST Practitioners 
  • CBIC Mitra Helpdesk 
  • GST Seva Kendras (GSK) 
  • Self-Service GST Grievance Redressal Portal 
  • GST Suvidha Providers (GSP)

GSTN Helpdesk

People who have issues with the GST portal may refer to the GST helpdesk portal.

CBIC Mitra Helpdesk 

This National Call Centre is available round-the-clock to meet taxpayers’ needs by giving access to the GST helpdesk. CBIC Mitra helpdesk is available for dealers and department users if there are any issues related to CBIC-GST usage. You just have to dial the National Toll-free number or send an email to the helpdesk.

ICEGATE Helpdesk 

This helpdesk aims to cater to all queries about GST procedures and laws and IT issues. You can track your query or complaint status. Call the helpdesk and provide the reference number. If you are not happy with the response, the representative will transfer your call to the helpdesk manager.

Saksham Seva

CBIC IT Infrastructure Project is also known as Saksham Seva. The GST is implemented with this project with all of its services and Customs. Project Saksham establishes an exchange of information between GSTN and CBIC by using an API or other secure message methods. Hence, it helps to resolve these issues –  

  • Mapping 
  • Email ID, password creation and reset with ICEGATE/SSO ID 
  • Matters related to ICES with department officers
  • Hardware/network issues

GST Seva Kendras

Taxpayers can easily visit their nearest CBIC GST Seva Kendras (GSKs), regarding their regional issues. Each helpdesk provides the information with contact details through the CBIC portal to the taxpayers. You can also access these kiosks through email, phone, or in-person visits.

GST Suvidha Providers (GSP)

The GST Suvidha Providers are now available and provided with GSTN during the selection process. The candidates have been evaluated based on their IT skills and financial stability. This process has been conducted to ensure providing all the essential services from the GSPs to the taxpayers. It is vital to ensure the compliance of taxpayers with the new GST rules. Hence, GSPs provide services as per the needs of businesses.

GST Grievance Redressal Portal

The GST Council set up a self-service portal to help stakeholders and taxpayers file complaints regarding the issues or challenges they face on the GST portal. They can explain their problems rather than writing GST helpdesk email and get a quick response to their complaints. All they need to describe the issues they have on the GST portal and share screenshots where they are having any problems.

Why use GST Grievance Portal?

Here are some of the benefits of using the GST Grievance portal for filing complaints – 

  • No need to go anywhere to raise concerns and file complaints 
  • Quick response to complaints with all the essential details and no need to build communication between GST helpdesk and taxpayers. 
  • Check reviews related to the solution provided 
  • User Manual or FAQ pages for the uses as per the Subcategory and Category of the complaints filed and help users resolve the matter. 

How to File Complaint in Grievance Portal?

  • Enter a keyword in the “Type of Concern/Issue” box as per the issue or challenge 
  • It will list the common problems as per the keyword given in the above box.
  • Choose the exact issue 
  • Check the User Manual and FAQs pages as per the same complaints from the users. 
  • If your problem is different, you need to hit the button “No, I Want to Lodge My Complaint.” A page will open where you can fill in all the necessary details to register your issues. 
  • A reference number or ticket number will be generated after filing the complaint. You can now use this number to check your complaint status.

GST Practitioner

Sometimes, the GST helpdesk cannot resolve some queries. In that case, a GST Practitioner can come in handy for any issues you have while handling other GST compliance matters like refund claims, filing returns, etc. An eligible person may be authorized as a GST practitioner according to CGST Act section 48. The GST practitioner is an approved and endorsed tax professional to conduct various activities and prepare taxpayers’ returns. 

However, the taxpayers are liable for filing those returns and providing that information. Hence, a GST practitioner can perform any of these activities being an authorized taxpayer on your behalf. 

What Does a GST Practitioner Do?

  • Prepare and file quarterly, monthly, final, or annual returns
  • Fill up inward and outward supplies’ details for return filing 
  • File a claim to get a refund 
  • File and prepare application for cancellation or amendment of registration 
  • Make a deposit in cash ledger for credit 
  • Fill challan info in GST ITC-04
  • E-way bill generation after giving details on the portal 
  • Filing application to tax authorities about withdrawal or tax payable as per the composition scheme 
  • Filing and preparation of an application for enrollment no. cancellation/amendment as per CGST act rule 58.

Hence, you can use a tool to find GST practitioners to get the list of the same in your city or state by going to the Services tab on the GST portal. To find GST practitioners nearby, either use GST Practitioner’s State, Name, City, and Pin Code or Practitioner’s GSTP ID/Enrollment Number. 

No charges have been specified by the government for any activities that practitioners can do for their clients. Hence, they can charge for their services as per their estimates, including fees for respective activities related to GST.

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