Voter ID Online Registration – How To Apply For Voter ID ?


What to Know About The Registration of The Voter ID Card:

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India is considered as one of the largest democracy in the world, with around 900 million eligible voters. For us, being a democratic nation, 2019 was very crucial and the most notable elections are going to be held soon. As we are a citizen of the nation, it is our responsibility to cast a vote to choose the most suitable person as our leaders for the welfare of the country. To cast a vote, and select the right person, the voter ID card is necessary. The voter ID card is also known as the elector’s photo ID card.¬

The voter card is a must for those who are above 18 and are eligible to cast their votes to elect their representatives. The voter ID card even helps in regulating fraudulent activities as well. Now, it comes to the registration of the voter ID card. If an individual wants to avail the voter ID card, then the person must register for the card which is an easy process.¬

 Steps for The Registration of Voter ID Card:

  • Firstly, you should visit National Voter Service Portal

Click Here To Register For Voter ID Card

  • Click here, and apply for the registration of the voter ID card¬
  • Now, select the parliamentary constituency, and state¬
  • In the form, you need to enter your details; such as, name, date of birth, age, address, details of the family members, who have their voter ID card¬
  • Tabs with the red mark are mandatory to be filled¬
  • After that, upload the supporting documents
  • Enter the date of filing the form, plus add on the place as well, from where you have filled¬
  • The filled form can be saved; you can continue it later. If the form is filled, then submit it.¬

What is The Submission Procedure?¬†¬

The Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) will, later on, post the form to the notice board inviting any objections. If there is any objection, it must be resolved within a week. If in case, anyone does the object the ERO will then hold the hearing, in which the applicant and objector, both can raise their claims. On the registered number, you will be receiving a message for the confirmation. The chief electoral officer’s website will then view the electoral roll.

What Documentation is Required for The Voter ID Registration?¬

Proof of Address
  • Utility Bills¬
  • Pan Card¬
  • Driving License¬
  • Latest Bank Statement¬
  • Student Identity card¬
  • Freedom Fighter Identity Card¬
  • Pension Document¬
  • Document for Physical Handicapped¬
  • Arm‚Äôs License¬
  • SC/ST/OBC Official Document¬
  • Railway Identity Card¬
  • Passport Copy¬
  • Government Issued Service Card
  • Rental/ Lease Document with photograph and agreement, etc
Proof of Age¬
  • SSLC Certificate¬
  • Driving License¬
  • Birth Certificate¬
  • Other documentation, which can validate the age

Two Passport Size Photos¬

The photo will appear in the elector’s Photo Identity Card. The picture should be clicked within 6 months before the submission.¬

Common Mistakes in Voter ID Card Registration Process:

There are several things, for which an individual should take care of, such as:

  • Verify you are registering with the correct form. The forms are; Form 6 for first-time voters, Form 7 to object an application for inclusion on the electoral roll, Form 8 for the corrections to be made in the existing voter ID, and last Form 8A, for changing the address in the same constituency.¬
  • Ensure that the documents you have submitted for the registration of the voter ID are correct.¬
  • Make sure the details are error-free, during registration. If there are some errors, it will be reflected on your voter ID card, so better is to check the details twice.

Click Here To Register For Voter ID Card


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