What is Clinic Management System? Features & Benefits of Clinic Management Software

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Table of Contents

What is Clinic Management System?

Often patients with minor ailments prefer clinics over hospitals and also in case of certain specialties. Clinics are more accessible to the patients for seeking medical facilities than having to go to hospitals. For a visit with a general physician, a dentist, or an ophthalmologist, most people prefer visiting a doctor at their personal clinics rather than spending away time  & money waiting at a hospital.

In remote areas where access to the hospital is not that easy, clinics play a vital role in providing healthcare facilities. Primarily healthcare facility or referred to as clinics in regular terms are the very integral part of our healthcare system. They provide first aid, & regular check-ups for patients which may otherwise suffer from a lack of healthcare.

Even if the number of doctors in a particular clinic may be low, there remains a steady stream of patients which is difficult to handle. In the current scenario, due to the COVID pandemic, the footfall of patients in the clinics has increased drastically & doctors find it difficult to manage the records manually. It may not be feasible to maintain the records of patients manually for a longer time in a small clinic. There arise the need for clinic management software to empower the doctor with practice management tools to maintain & preserve patients’ data forever. A clinic management software or practice management software provides a suite of ready functionalities that makes it easy to manage and organize a clinic.

Clinic Management System is a suite of technically advanced tools combined to help & simplify the daily operations of a clinic. A practice management system simplifies many operations like patient management, appointment scheduling, doctors’ schedules, prescriptions management, payments, transactions, billing, inventory, etc.

These days, practice management systems come in flexible & handy mobile apps with which the patients can book online appointments & the doctors can check their schedule, manage prescriptions, etc, and may provide SMS or email notifications regarding appointment updates.

Understanding the requirements of the clinic, Marg ERP a leader in the software industry with experience of over 29 years, developed Marg Health+ – a Clinic management software that can be customized with more focus on the clinic’s specialization.

Clinic Management Software

What are the Features of Clinic Management Software?

Electronic Health Records

As we know paper gets damaged over a period of time, & the same is the case with manual records. In the healthcare sector, it is very important to keep a note of the medical history of the patient to diagnose his/her problems appropriately and in less time. Time is the key. Just imagine going through thousands of files to search one record, how much time & energy will it demand. To curb all these practices, electronic health records is the main feature of clinic management software. The patient records are stored in a digital form which is saved on to the serves forever. Even during a doctor’s busy schedule, it helps in fetching out accurate and legible records of every procedure performed. This leads to error-free & 100% secure data.

The doctor can even customize the templates for saving these health records with which they can make quick records without compromising on accuracy. These are often customized for making it much easier to create records based on the speciality of the doctor. Most practice management systems come with an integrated EMR system.

Appointment Management System

The two most common problems faced by clinics today are booking and scheduling appointments. Marg Health+ makes it easy for a doctor or clinic staff to easily manage patient’s appointments.

Due to the increased flow of patients, in most of the clinics patients have to wait for long to see the doctor. Most clinics follow a token-based system or a queue system but at times this seems difficult. Also, it’s not easy to provide clear timings for walk-in patients as the staff couldn’t be sure of the timings of the appointments already waiting in the area. To the rescue from this hustle-bustle, the clinic management system comes into the picture. Online appointments scheduling & managing can be easily achieved by integrated queue management. As soon as the patient registers for an appointment at the clinic, the complete details are added to the day’s schedule without conflicts with the appointment system.

Dedicated App

As we all know mobile is the most flexible & handy thing we have observed till date. An android or an iOS App that is integrated with the clinic management software can aid the clinic by making appointment booking online. Online appointment booking is a life saviour for patients who can’t come down to the clinic multiple times to books an appointment. Mobile apps help patients to schedule online appointments easily at any time, even on public holidays. The app comes in handy, and doctors can also check  & confirm their appointment schedule. The idea behind the clinic management system is aimed at making a clinic more user-friendly.

Clinic Management Software

Billing and Accounting Software

Like any other business, revenue generation & increased productivity is the main point here. Although a doctor saves a life, in the end, it’s a business. Proper accounting & easy billing is what it takes for increased productivity.

Most clinics make the mistake of using billing software just for billing, and this insignificantly increases the workload. It requires manual re-entry of the different procedures performed for billing purposes. The clinic management system inbuilt with the billing system tracks the complete treatment of a patient and therefore helps in creating financial records at one go reducing the workloads. With a complete system, the complete financial record of the clinic, such as expenditures, returns, can be tracked easily.

Manage Multiple Locations

If you a chain of clinics at a different location, well you landed at the right place. Marg Health+ helps you manage multiple clinics from a single clinic management software. The data from the individual clinic is shared & can be viewed from a single system, making it accessible to all staff. You can also define the user -wise rights to preserve privacy. You can simply manage all your clinics just by using your smartphone. Win-win for you and your customer. Your patient also doesn’t require to share his details again if he is visiting any other branch. MIS reports of individual clinics can give you accurate information about the workings of your clinics. The modern dashboard lets you keep a birds-eye view of your business insights.

Take Away

Having discussed the need for clinic management software, you must agree that making your clinic digital will help increased productivity, reduce expenditure & boost profits. Once you implement the clinic management system, you will obtain the highest returns on investments. All your difficulties will disappear like Magic! What you get is sheer profits & revenue with a better-organized clinic. What else you could look for… If you still have confusion, we can help you. Visit us or comment. We would love to hear from you.

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