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World Largest Webinar

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How Marg ERP Ltd Set The New Guinness World Record

On 27 September 2020 Marg ERP Ltd in association with Dr. Vivek Bindra, CEO Bada Business created a world record of highest online viewers of a retail meeting in the world’s largest sales training webinar. Dr. Vivek Bindra is a prestigious business motivator who instructs and helps the small and medium organizations to reach at their objectives. Marg Erp Ltd is likewise dedicatedly helping small and medium business and offering their specialized types of assistance to them from the last 28 years. As a piece of corporate social obligation, they together carried out a session named ‘Retail Ka Mahakumbh’ for the advancement of the small and medium businesses. The session was centred around the business techniques explicitly for the retailer to attempt every part of the way to grow from a small shop to a major retail showroom.

Introduction of Marg Erp Ltd

Marg ERP is a leader in inventory and accounting software in India. Marg ERP is a leading provider of integrated business application software for micro, small & medium businesses. Based on the best technical research & offering they continue to serve millions of customers worldwide. The company has over one million active users, caters to more than 2,50,000 SME/MSMEs, and has captured 60 percent (structured & unstructured market) of the pharma industry & 40% market in FMCG sector.

Marg ERP Ltd is serving SME/ MSME, Retailers, Distributors and Manufacturers. Marg has a team of over 850 people working on building new and innovative software products and solutions for customers. The company has a presence in over 800+ districts across the country with an international reach in 28 overseas markets. 

Challenges in Creation Of World Record

Talking about the challenges faced by Marg ERP & Dr. Vivek Bindra in hosting the world’s largest business strategy webinar. It was indeed very difficult to invite the maximum number of retailers on a single platform at a point time. In a real-time scenario, it is unbelievable that a larger number of small retailers in India will take out time & watch the Largest Online Business Webinar on youtube. Marg ERP being the backbone of business understands the complexities & challenges small retailers face due to changing market trends. Therefore, they are determined to provide every possible help to the retailer to uplift their position in the markets. The world’s largest live session on retail business strategies was one step towards the great mission. Dr. Vivek Bindra hosted the event on youtube & shared some miraculous retail business strategies with the retailers that will actually help the retailer to compete in the markets. 

Strategy and Vision behind Guinness World Record

The world largest webinar for the retail industry was an official attempt for Guinness world records 2020. Apart from this, the webinar was organized with a greater vision of empowering SMEs & MSMEs. The world’s largest webinar which was organized on Youtube created Guinness world records 2020 with more than 84 thousand peak concurrent viewers. Although this is a huge record, the message that was shared with the world was much greater than this.

In today’s modern world, when we talk about ‘Go Digital’ in support of Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi, we support our local to go global. Digitalization is undoubtedly the key to success, but how to be digitized? What are the options available for digitalization? What can be beneficial for any company? How can any company go online? and so on… These are a few questions that are very crucial for any small & medium business owner. Dr. Vivek Bindra in the world largest youtube live session on retail strategy shared the answers to these questions. He empowered the retailers with amazing business strategies that they were lacking.

Contribution of Bada Business In Creation Of World Record

Bada business hosted the entire event on their youtube platform in association with Marg ERP. Dr Vivek Bindra, CEO Bada business spoke about the business strategies for the betterment of the retailers, business owners. The following were the topics of the discussion:

  • What is retail marketing?
  • Omni Channel Strategies
  • 5 R’s of Trust Revenue
  • Attract & Create New Customers
  • Technology As An Advantage For Retail Business
  • How to Drive Sales with Retail Marketing?
  • Inventory Turnover V/s Higher Margin
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Off-Season Sales
  • Low-Cost Marketing Ideas
  • Service Marketing
  • How to Build Brand Loyalty?
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • General Trade V/s Modern Trade
  • Retail Growth Strategies

Contribution to Nation Through This Record

This initiative was taken for the betterment of the retailers, for the upliftment of the society. When every retailer in India will be digital-only then the dream of PM Narender Modi ‘Digital India’ can be successful. Some of the small business owners have the capital but they don’t know the technology, whereas some are equipped with the technology but they don’t have the capital. In order to create a working balance between the two, this session was organized where the strategies were showcased on how to build a business with the minimum capital investment. This initiative was taken for ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’. This record will itself educate the people about the importance of technology & digitalization in the markets. 

Benefits of Creating Guinness World Record

The benefits of creating a record that can be listed on the Guinness book of world records are gigantic. It is a history which will be written and saved for a lifetime. This effort of Marg ERP & Bada Business is magnificent. 

  • 84K+ retailers got to know extraordinary retail business strategies.
  • The business owner got a chance to interact in the live session & clear their doubts
  • The strategies can help in building a huge brand.
  • Retailers get to know the importance of digitalization.

Procedure to Apply for Guinness World Record

The process to apply for the Guinness world records book is very simple. You need to follow the following steps:

  1. Register an account on
  2. You will receive an activation link in the email. Click on the to activate the dashboard
  3. Click on the ‘Apply for Record’ Button
  4. Search for the record you want to break. If you don’t want to break any record or your record is not listed, you can click on the button ‘Apply for a new record title’ at the page bottom
  5. Complete the application process.

Once the standard application is submitted the dedicated Records Management Team at Guinness World Records HQ reviews the application. If the record you applied for is acceptable & can be in the list of world records, Guinness record will send the guideline on the registered mail id. You will also receive the guidelines for submitting the evidence of the record. The complete mail will also include printable documents which needs to be filled & submitted to Guinness world records.

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