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Marg ERP Ltd
MARG ERP Ltd. has its expertise in providing the perfect customized inventory and accounting solutions for all businesses to get GST compliant.

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Managing your business’s finances is one of the key factors of running a successful business operation. Automated Financial reconciliation of business is vital and it requires carefully taken steps and efforts. Online reconciliation is important, regardless of how many transactions your business has in a month. Reconciling your payment methods can improve workflow and efficiency.

What is Financial Reconciliation?

At its core, financial reconciliation or payment reconciliation is where two different types of data are compared with each other and checked for equality. To make it clearer, reconciliation is an accounting process that compares internal data with external data like financial records, bank statements, etc to find any kind of red flags or inconsistencies. Reconciling makes sure that the money leaving an account is being used for the right purposes and the bank statements match the other financial records.

Doing financial reconciliation with a team of people can be exhausting, tedious, and time-consuming. Even after spending hours, some mistakes can go unnoticed, as humans are prone to make mistakes every once in a while. Automated reconciliation or automatic reconciliation makes the process easier and improves the overall workflow. By adopting new online reconciliation solutions, organizations can automatically check bank statements against internal financial records.

The closing of every month or every quarter requires firms to do financial reconciliation and doing that using human resources can be incredibly tough and full of errors. The use of online financial payment reconciliation can improve the process and make it error-free.

Benefits of Automated Financial Reconciliation

As a business, it is vital that you understand the importance of reconciling your accounts. If your accounting team is spending hours digging through financial records and matching them with external data, it is high time for digital transformation. Manually reconciling your payment can take more time than you have at hand and rush through it can leave room for error and some fraud may go undetected.

The swift and volatile nature of businesses demands solutions that can be implemented instantly and improve the process. There are countless benefits of automated financial reconciliation and why your business should choose the solutions.

  1. Saves a Lot of Time

    Going through each financial document and compare the data with bank statements for reconciling your payment using human resources can be tough. With automatic reconciliation solutions, the process can be done easily. All the cash outgoing and receipts are checked to meet up with the data on your bank statements.

    Verifying if the totals match up with your balance sheet, cash flow, and other expenses can be streamlined and improved with automated financial reconciliation solutions

  2. Leads to Error-Free Payment Reconciliation

    Automatic reconciliation solutions reduce or eliminate the mistakes made by humans. Finding an anomaly by going through a range of documents and paper-based account records takes up a lot of time. Humans are prone to make a mistake and even the smallest mistake can cause huge harm.

    Not spotting the inconsistencies can lead to more work than it was originally. A sudden increase can lead to more errors by humans. The utilization of automation makes payment reconciliation easier and allows for clear and swift detection of anomalies.

  3. Confidence in Securing Your Account

    The whole finance sector is full of risks, even the smallest error that goes unnoticed can cause huge losses. Automated reconciliation offers an assurance that all your accounts are secure and consistent. Errors like money going into wrong accounts can be rectified in an instant with the implementation of these solutions. You can also be sure that all the financial decisions will be made using accurate information.

  4. Fraud Detection and Reduction

    Automated solutions are much better at performing these tasks than humans. As the automatic reconciliation solutions are fast and automated they can easily protect organizations against all kinds of fraud. The solutions can detect frauds in the early stages and rectify the error before they become a bigger problem. The early detection of fraud can assist in stopping fraud or minimizing the risk of fraud.

  5. Staff Satisfaction

    The whole process of reconciling your payment using human resources can be monotonous for your team. Repeating the same tasks over and over again can make the process boring for the staff which can lead to more errors.

    That repetition can be changed with the use of automation solutions. Implementation of online reconciliation solutions reduces the need to go through a variety of documents, printouts, and spreadsheets. This improves staff satisfaction, as the staff doesn’t have to focus on repetitive tasks and focus on another type of work.

  6. Transparent Workflow
    Financial reconciliation using automated solutions means that all the parties involved have a clear understanding of what is happening. Your team can work together and save time on tedious discussions. This kind of automation is vital for global operations, or an organization that has multiple entities under its name. Automation of financial reconciliation provides a clear view of every transaction that has been processed, which can be seen by everyone in the financial department.

Online Reconciliation

Verifying if key sets of figures are accurate and verifying the information with external data like bank account statements is an important responsibility of the finance department of a business. Being able to verify that information ideally can make sure that all the financial accounts of a company are consistent.

Companies can achieve this with the implementation of online reconciliation solutions. The automatic reconciliation process speeds up the process and makes sure the company is risk-free and transparent.

How to Apply for Online Reconciliation?

Click here to Sign Up and Apply for Online Reconciliation

– Sign UpSign-up on MargPay & get a Merchant account powered by Marg ERP Ltd. If you’re not Marg user, Then you will have to install install Marg ERP 9+ software and register yourself there. – Upload OutstandingsUpload all your outstandings directly from Marg ERP software and start receiving bill-by-bill payments directly into your bank account. – Enjoy, Your Auto Reconciling is done-Your transactions will be reconciled automatically bill-by-bill in your bank account.You can View status & the history of the transactions in real-time.


Online reconciliation is important, regardless of how many transactions your business has in a month & Reconciling your payment methods can improve workflow and efficiency.

Full Account Reconciliation stands for the clients who belong to any organization to adjust the activities of the account, With the help of Serial number and the rupees amount of Items so the clients can easily compare paid checks with issues.

Partial Reconciliation allows the users or Clients of any organization to view the list of all the debits, credits, and checks that are cleared to an account for a specific period of time.

Follow these steps to auto reconcile your account-

Sign-up/ Log In
Sign-up on MargPay & get a Merchant account powered by Marg ERP Ltd. If not Marg user, first install Marg ERP 9+
Upload Outstanding & Receive Payments
Upload all your outstandings directly from Marg ERP software to receive bill-by-bill payments into your bank account
Enjoy Auto-Reconciliation
Automatically get all your transactions reconciled bill-by-bill in your bank account. View status & history in real-time

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