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Vyapar is an accounting & Inventory Software app. Vyapar helps you to manage your GST needs and removes all the challenges involved in preparing taxes. This software satisfies your all business needs & is very helpful for businesses of all sizes, as well as freelancers, wholesalers, and other service providers.

On the other hand, Marg is a leading Indian Software for all types of businesses i.e. Pharmacies, FMCG, supermarkets, and much more. Marg is designed in such a way that all businessmen can get an opportunity to extend their business at a large scale. Marg provides a complete inventory & accounting software, providing almost 100+ features to control your inventory in such a way that you can earn your maximum profit and even without leading your products to expire.

Are you looking for a complete package to satisfy your business needs?

So let’s go through with this article and find the best out of all.

Basic Comparison

Company Info

Marg Billing SoftwareVyapar Billing Software
Marg ERP ltd (Incorporated in 1994), is headquartered in Delhi and covers almost 60% of the Pharmacy & FMCG sectors.Tally (incorporated in 2018), is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka.
Official Website: https://www.margcompusoft.com/Official Website: https://vyaparapp.in/


Pricing Details

BasisMarg Billing SoftwareVyapar Billing Software
Pricing Details8991 + 18% GST (Limited Edition)Basic Plan (only for Desktop) Rs 1999 per year.
Type of SoftwareBoth Online & OfflineBoth Online & Offline


Perks & Benefits

BasisMarg Billing SoftwareVyapar Billing Software
DeploymentBoth Online & OfflineBoth online & offline
Support MethodsSelf Help Portal Authorized Service Providers, Call Support, and Email Support.Self-help portal, Call Support, Email Support.
Mode of TrainingLive session (direct from HO team), Basic training by the service provider, Tutorials & online knowledge base available)No Training programs available


Specifications & Functionalities
ModulesMarg Billing SoftwareVyapar Billing Software
Share Invoices on WhatsappYesYes
Inventory ManagementYesYes
Estimate BillsYes with the automated ProcessManual Process is available
Gst Compatible & generate GST reportsYesYes
Track Unpaid InvoicesYesYes
Send Payment RemindersYesYes
Collect Payment directly online using UPI Payments.Yes with own payment GatewayYes
Business Expense TrackingYesYes
Daily Sale Purchase  RecordYesYes
Profit & Loss ReportYesYes
Seven Layered BackupYesNo
Dispatch ManagementYesNot Available
ManufacturingYesNot available
Self-defined formats, reports, fieldYesNot Available
Internal AuditYesNot Available
ReportsMarg Contains report of each & every aspect that needs to be analyzed including the separate report designer.Only Contains Basic reports
Operator wise MenusYesNot Available

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Q.1 what is the Comparison of Vyapar Billing Software vs Marg ERP 9+ In terms of Features?

Vyapar Billing software includes lots of features like Auto Backup, Online Banking & Tracking, and Marg ERP software has been designed with the functionalities like Email & SMS integration, and there is House Payment-Gateway to manage their online payments & receipts. So when you are comparing Vyapar billing Software vs Marg Billing Software, look for scalability, Customization and choose the one which suits your business.

Q.2 What is the difference between Vyapar Billing Software and Marg ERP 9+ In terms of Deployment Type?

Marg ERP 9+ is suitable for both deployments i.e. Web-Based & Cloud Based. While Vyapar Billing Software supports Premises deployment and when we’ll talk about choosing one out of these two then first figure out which is compatible with your devices.

Q3. Vyapar Billing Software or Marg ERP 9+: Which Is perfect for Your Industry?

Vyapar billing software is a complete package of accounting & inventory needs along with fixed pre-designed formats. While Marg contains the automated process for accounting & inventory control & even with the predefined template along with the customizations available according to your business needs so if you are looking for the best out of two you need to consider the customizations supported software.

Marg ERP Ltdhttps://margcompusoft.com/m/
MARG ERP Ltd. has its expertise in providing the perfect customized inventory and accounting solutions for all businesses to get GST compliant.


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