Marg Mart – A life-saver in the era of Covid-19

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Marg ERP Ltd
MARG ERP Ltd. has its expertise in providing the perfect customized inventory and accounting solutions for all businesses to get GST compliant.

Article Content

What is Marg Mart?

Marg Mart is an online platform that assists customers to locate the medical stores or distributors where the medicines they need are available. In one fell swoop, Marg Mart circumvents the need to physically visit the stores or go through the trouble of calling them to enquire about the availability of medicines and saves time which might be crucial for the survival of patients. In Marg Mart, one can also check the availability of grocery products in their vicinity.

Marg Mart aims at saving lives. More than 1.25 Lakh Distributors and 9 Lakh Retailers are connected on The user interface of Marg Mart is simple. All the user has to do is to enter the name of the medicine/ grocery product and the city or pin-code in which the user would like to locate the medicine/ grocery. Results are listed by retailers and distributors.

The results will provide users with all the information they need: the name of the store, the complete address, contact details, the pin-code of the area in which the store is located and even a direction link to reach the store using a map.

Why Is There A Need For Marg Mart?

The test of fire makes fine steel and the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be one of the toughest challenges this world has witnessed in recent times, resulting in devastating consequences on healthcare systems across the world, and India is no exception to this rule.

The governments, both at the Centre and state levels have been witnessing their capabilities being stretched to the limits and reach a breaking point. News of the scarcity of medicines or their unavailability in certain areas, rising death tolls and the ever-increasing rate of infections has been adding to the anxiety of the already suffering patients and their loved ones.

At a time when the public sector is being overwhelmed with this global challenge, it is the moral responsibility of the private sector to step in and contribute.

As the nation fights with a strenuous task that its healthcare system has never faced before, conventional ideas and rigid thinking will bear no fruit.

How It All Started?

An infusion of innovation and fresh blood is required in the workforce minds which are unafraid of exploring formerly unknown frontiers and not indebted to accepted ways of thinking.

Four young Australia returned students have shown the willingness to face this test with fortitude and resolved to pass it with flying colors. Young MarGuns Karan Singh and his three friends have exuded to find a way to reduce the negative impact of the pandemic.

As the government machinery was busy combating the coronavirus, with some assistance from the private sector, four young interns at Marg ERP Ltd. decided to apply their passion and perspective on the ongoing tragedy and invent solutions that others missed as they lay in plain sight.

In his own words, Karan describes how he felt and under what circumstances the idea of Marg Mart struck his mind. “We had to come back from Australia after COVID-19 struck and I joined our family business as an intern. My dad is very particular about learning the basics and soon I was attending calls of customers to help them run operations smoothly. I always felt incomplete because I was inexperienced but wanted to do something unique, something extraordinary. When the second wave of COVID-19 struck we started getting calls from various corners about the availability of life-saving medicines. After a few calls, an idea struck my mind – to provide the availability of medicines in the form of a website to visitors. Something from where users may find various medicines. I discussed the idea with my friends and they agreed to it. We gathered the courage to discuss the idea with parents as we had no idea how to proceed.

We discussed the idea with my father and his first reaction was – heck, why didn’t we do this in the first COVID-19 wave. To my surprise, he gave us a development team and somehow we launched the website in a matter of 3-4 days.”

The young MarGun team has been working tirelessly to expand the database and improve the user interface to ensure that Marg Mart becomes a seamless experience for its users.

Conclusion To Marg Mart

It is said that the young can see farther than others because they stand on the shoulders of those who came before them. In keeping alive the tradition of service through innovation that the founders of Marg ERP Ltd. have established, the young generation is following in their footsteps. Marg Mart is the product of the vision and ambition of the young entrepreneurial minds that are eager to put their ideas into reality and leave a mark.

This ambition though is coupled with a deep sense of empathy and social awareness without which Marg Mart wouldn’t have been created. It is a non-profit initiative and one of its kind taken by any corporate entity in India so far. With the launch of Marg Mart, Karan and his team hope to alleviate, if not completely eradicate, the misery that has been unleashed on Indian masses over the last few months.

Marg Mart is here to serve.

Visit Marg Mart


To search Retailer or Distributors near you, you have to simply type the product name & your pincode or area. Click the search button and the details will be displayed.

:-Follow the steps to search medicines in Marg Mart

Step 1- Fill in the medicine name or select the medicine from the list

Step 2- Fill in your area name or Pincode

Step 3- Click on the ‘Search’ button

The list will be displayed on the screen.

Yes, grocery items are also available on

No, you can find every medical supply like medicines, COVID bed information, plasma donors, grocery item etc on Marg Mart. You can also register yourself as plasma donor on the portal.

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