How does manufacturing companies get affected by Supply Chain Management Software?


At the present time, there is no manufacturing company left that doesn’t crave for a systematic and comprehensive assessment of procedures taking place in the organization, either SMEs or MSMEs.

But, have you ever thought what approach they use or they should use in order to accelerate their business? Can there be only one possible way to keep an eye on every process? Is it possible to manage all the operations at a prior stage?

Well, we understand, there might be a lot of questions popping up in your head. So, without any further delay, let’s understand what empowers them to do all they desire. The systematic approach they use for managing their business activities, from the purchase of raw material to production process till it’s final delivery to the end users is what we call an efficient Supply Chain Management (SCM). Yes, this might appear to you as a known tactic but still, there exist a considerable number of companies that fail to benefit themselves with this interesting approach.   

Let’s unveil some interesting benefits of a supply chain management software which helps manufacturing companies to keep the ball rolling.

Availability of Inputs: Freezing of process of production is not less than a nightmare for manufacturing industries. In order to ensure continuous productions, availability of raw materials is the first & foremost requirement and supply chain management software ensures that. It gives real-time information of raw material availability and status of raw material required to keep the production process intact.

Inventory at each level: SCM software provides continuous information of the stock. It can be the quantity of raw material available, raw materials used, raw material required, products formed, products in work in progress & products ready for delivery etc., giving a clear picture of assets of the company.

Distribution Costs: Which company does not want a reduction in the cost of management of their processes? Will you mind if a simple approach lowers the cost of manufacturing? We believe every organisation wants to reduce their cost of products and an efficient supply chain management software serves this purpose as well. An efficient SCM solution certainly optimises the resources and ensures a reduction in overhead costs simultaneously. It helps you to get the best possible combinations of the supplier, material, amount of purchase, delivery points and other factors to impact the cost.

Reporting: SCM software is capable enough of generating 1000s of reports on sales, inventory, etc., bringing transparency of all the processes to the managers helping them in decision making.

Push sale: Dealing with expired products or near expiry items is a daunting task for manufacturing companies. With SCM software you can have 100% control on your products and get notified when the products need tobe cleared from the stock (either sold or returned).

Credit limits live: Among all the interesting features of an SCM software, there is one that keeps a check on customers who are not purchasing from your organization and that effective feature is credit limits live. It shares information when you are losing a customer or when the demand for your product goes down from the benchmark you desired.

Bill Audit: What could be more beneficial than a software that manages the complete process from bill generation to delivery? Bill auditing is live tracking on billing, packing and dispatch thereby reduce the possibility of manual errors.

Enhanced delivery process: When every process completes in the estimated time then nothing can stop you from delivering the product on time. SCM software ensures completion of all the processes efficiently and thus reduces the downtime.


Supply Chain Management software is not just requirement of manufacturing companies, it’s more of a benefit to them which comes in a small package with features that bring a change and increase the productivity of the company exponentially.

At Marg ERP, we believe production of good quality products that withstand customer needs and their delivery on time is the aim of every manufacturing company. Is it your dream too? If yes. Explore intriguing features of Marg Supply Chain Management software and witness the desired growth in your business productivity.


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