7 Unique features Your Jewellery Software must Have


India is one of the biggest markets of gems and jewellery all over the World and plays a vital role in the growth of the Indian economy. As per the statistics from the Gems and jewellery export promotion Council (GJEPC) with exports of more than 75 percent, the world’s polished diamonds in the jewellery industry contributes a major chunk to the total foreign reserves of the country.

Looking at the ever-growing jewellery demands, the manufacturing process of jewellery varies widely on the type of jewellery that is being manufactured.

Tracking inventory levels, sales, marketing efforts are some major challenges which most jewellery businesses face today. There are many manufacturers who banish out products, add some product variants and make modifications which becomes quite challenging and tiring for businesses to maintain the product catalogue.

To sort such vivid demand of smart jewellery software industry, Marg ERP’s Jewellery software provides you with the most customized jewellery software which can plug into the software and integrate seamlessly.

Below are the 7 most important features that you should look for when choosing a jewellery software.

Sales bill with Customized design: We develop fully customized jewellery software tool solution as per business needs which will manage all parts of your business including inventory. Customized jewellery business in India demands large scope of creativity and ideas needed in the designing aspect and Marg ERP justifies all such demands which have lead automatically to higher and higher profits for this sector.

RFID wise Billing: Our jewellery software has RFID wise billing system which helps the product to be easily scanned and you can effectively do stock management of gold silver & diamond with ease. The system performs as an extended security arm, which enables proper identification and monitoring of all the jewellery item within the given premises.

Marg Order management: This feature in the jewellery business helps you to check the availability at stock and choose orders from different types to enter order memo for sending goods on sales memo, order sample for sample goods and order sales line for line items.

Mortgage (Girvi) management: Our Girvi management software can easily manage updates/ delete suppliers or craftsmen and maintain the gold, silver and cash balance with ease. You can search all the girvi records by specific client’s name and Girvi amount, all the client’s data with their girvis and jewar dues.

Privilege card management: The software allows special transactional feature for an elite customer base who can enjoy the superior value and benefits relevant to their jewellery choices. You can choose from a wide range of gold, silver and diamond items at a much-discounted rate than another customer.

Stock with product catalogue and image: The jewellery software allows you to check your stock with its images so that all the images of gold, silver, and diamonds added on the software gets automatically resized for use in product pages including support for interactive 360° views. This makes the job much easier for the customer view and an easy access to the stock visibility of all the jewellery items in the software.

Inventory Mangement:  Get ensured for a zero loss due to expiry with batch-wise inventory management. Our multifeatured Jewellery software can manage inventory carat wise, weight wise, barcode wise, images wise, item wise, item group wise, purity wise, stock summary, stock register, stock valuation.

Marg Jewellery software is specially designed for retailers and wholesalers, chain-store for gold, silver shops and can manage all parts of your business including inventory, customer relationships, vendors, point of sales, invoicing, marketing and barcode/RFID.

So if you are planning to open a business or have a jewellery outlet, try Marg ERP jewellery software, which is enriched with many such features and can be highly customized for your jewellery business needs.



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