How Marg e-Retail App Helps The Industry?


India is the world’s fifth-largest global destination in the retail space and it is estimated to reach trillions of dollars industry in the coming years. Indian retail industry provides over 10% of the country’s GDP and provides 8% of the employment and it is growing day by day.

However, online shopping is receiving an overwhelming response in India, but most of the retail market remains offline. India’s retail industry is worth 850 billion dollars and 95% of that is offline, which is around half a million distributors and about 10 million retail stores in India. Till now only 2 to 5 percent of retailers are properly digitized.

Many tech companies are trying to change the way of doing conventional business of Kirana stores and distributors by empowering them with apps and technology to reach for their customers with the help of the internet.

Many B2B apps are receiving a great response, but the retail industry is still unaware of the advantages of using online apps.

How e-Retail helps the Industry?

Traditional retailers and channels have some real problems. There are many ways the retail app can help them and the most important benefits of using retail apps are; it will increase your visibility, consumer engagement, generate online orders which help you to stand out from the crowd.

e-Retail apps are the tools that you can use to efficiently engage your new & potential customers which helps you to generate more demand.

Advantages of using the mobile App:

  • With the help of App, you can reach unlimited customers.
  • It allows you to connect 24×7,  you can collect orders anytime anywhere.
  • Installed apps always keep reminding you about you to your customers.
  • You can engage your customers with the help of push notifications and in-app messages services.
  • It helps to create loyal customers.
  • Make your business unique and special.

Marg provides a one-stop solution e-Retail Apps which allows users to create a platform to connect offline retailers to amplify their business.

Why should you use the e-Retail app?

The retailers and distributors have a busy schedule; they have to manage their customers, staff, inventory, salesman, and day to day business operations. The conventional retail channels are simple and they can’t compete with the online retail on price. This is due to the retail infrastructure costs as well as no predatory pricing by the retailers. To solve that problem the retail industry needs something exclusive which is the combination of both conventional and technical. To make the retail industry effective and easy, Marg ERP has introduced Retail ordering Apps it helps the retail channel to provide the online platform which works in both conventional and technical ways. It helps them to increase the efficiency to generate, collect and process the orders. App provides real-time updates so the order can easily track and it helps to make smooth and fasten the retail supply chain.

Features of Retail ordering App

Here we are only discussing the most important features of the retail ordering apps;

  • Ordering: With the help of Retail ordering app retailers can easily create a wish list and order according to the need, and they can also check the details of all order date-wise & item-wise which can be very helpful for the remote retailers.
  • Inventory Check: Check your distributor stock before placing the order. Retailers can do a product search on the basis of Product name, Company name or Category and the result will let you know who is selling this product.
  • Remote Access: These apps allow them to access the date from anywhere at any time.
  • Software Integration: Retail ordering apps are integrated with the ERP software which helps distributors to collect real-time order from their retailers.
  • Report: These apps help you to get different types of reports like order dairy, payment report, transitions report, etc.

How e-Retail helps the Retail Channel?

Marg Retail ordering Apps are specially designed to facilitate retailers and distributors which help them to place and receive Online order through retail apps, till now most of the retail channels are doing the business operation in the old way which is manual and mostly depend on the salesman.

Retail ordering App offers a complete solution to the retail channel from creating orders, to tracking dispatch orders which removes the basic huddle of all the suppliers and retailers.

These Apps are easy to use, provide Live updates of offers, schemes and orders, it can be helpful for both retailers and distributors.

Retail ordering apps include two apps e-Retail App and E-order app, let’s understand what they do.

e-Retail App

e-Retail app is for Kirana Stores which facilitates them to place orders from the app to their suppliers or distributors online.

Features of e-Retail app

  1. Ordering: Retailers can easily generate orders to any distributors on the basis of their needs anytime anywhere.
  2. Stock: Retailers can check and analyze different distributor products price, deals, and schemes before making the order.
  3. Outstanding: Retailers can check the outstanding balance based on date.
  4. Reports: Retailers can view their reports without any hassle.
  5. Easy to use: Retailers can easily install and start using the app they don’t need any special tutorial for how to use.

e-Ordering App

eOrder is the app that is created to facilitate salesmen & distributors. It generates orders from retail customers with the help of the internet. All these orders will be shown in the Software.

Features of E-order app

  1. Ordering: Salesman can place an order which appears on distributors’ ERP software.
  2. Collection: Salesman can collect payment from retailers with date, time and outstanding details
  3. Stock: Salesman have access to real-time stock with relevant information like product rate and schemes
  4. Location: Salesman can locate retailers with the help of Map
  5. Easy to use: Salesmen can easily install and start using the app. They don’t need any special tutorial for how to use it.

All these features make Marg Retail ordering Apps unique in the retail industry which can be very helpful to the retail industry which can be easily implemented and it can be used by anybody.



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