Which is the Best Software for Billing: A Quick Guide to Discover


Billing automation hastens your overall business management, receipt, and tracking of payments. If you are a business owner looking for billing software, read this blog to know which is the best software for billing.

The best billing software for small businesses makes it easy for you to track invoices and get paid on time. The best billing software in India will have all the modern features and automatically generate GST-ready invoices to get paid in return for the services or products sold.

Most of the free billing software in India is equipped with basic features only. But if you’re looking for billing software to grow your business you have to look at the bigger picture. There comes in to play the paid software that is more advanced and customizable as per your business requirement.

Marg Billing software is such a software that is equipped with all advanced features and rand high in value, features, and tools, making it one of the best billing software in India. Whether you run a service-based company or a brick-and-mortar company, you can select the billing software that works best for your business type.

Billing is an essential part of running a business. However, it could be time-consuming, especially with a limited staff. You can expedite your process and track your payments by streamlining your billing. But in doing so, you must first select the right billing software. Now let us dig dip into this.

What is billing software?

Billing software is a software solution that automates bill generation against the products or services you have sold to your customer. Billing software helps you in avoiding manual data entry and timely collection of payments.

Free billing software is also available for small businesses. You get pre-defined invoice templates in the free billing software that helps you finish your work quicker & easier. Once the invoice is generated, it also helps you send it electronically to the customers.

With numerous billing software available to choose from, knowing which is the best software for billing can be quite challenging. Make a smart decision by following the guide below:

  1. Software that fits your business needs

First, you need to note down your business requirements for choosing the best billing software in India. Be sure to review your current payment option and business framework. The software that you choose must have the following to fit your growing business needs.

  •   It should be scalable
  •   It should be user-friendly
  •   It must have advanced security features
  •   It should be customizable

You can always request a demo to gauge if the billing software will suit your business requirements.

  1. Software Integration Requirements

Identify how much software you will require for your business. Then you must select software that helps all the systems stay connected. Ideally, all the systems should be able to connect & communicate with one another and data transfer should be uninterrupted. You should also look for a solution that easily integrates with your existing hardware and software.

  1. Budget-Friendly Software

Know the cost you need to pay for the software, including all expenses, bill generation charges, etc. The billing software should be transparent about pricing so that you can plan your budget accurately. The perfect choice will be software that comes with advanced features at a low cost. This could be a one-time payment or a yearly payment.

  1. Equipped with Advanced Features

Different software has different features. But the right solution for you will be software that offers the complete solution from billing to delivery. You obviously don’t want to juggle between multiple software all the time. It should also allow you to customize your bills with your brand logo etc. Only a few software in the market, like Marg ERP, provides you with online payment options integrated into the ERP solution. You should look for a one-stop solution.

  1. GST Ready

In India, e-invoicing is mandatory for businesses with annual turnover Rs. 10 crores. Hence, it becomes mandatory for you to select software that is GST-ready. Some software also charges you extra for every e-invoice. Be very careful and go for software that doesn’t charge extra for e-invoicing. Moreover, it should allow you to file GST returns directly from the software. Read Other Useful & Related Content: E-Invoicing Under GST

  1. Satisfied Customers

You can also learn from the past experiences of others. Trust is the key. The software that is extensively used by your competitors, which has been in the market for years, comes with greatly experienced professionals. Experience has a great value.

A software which is there in the market for the last 30 years and serves 1 Million users will be certainly a better choice than a new software that might have just a handful of customers. You can also take advice from your accountants for the same.

Summing it up

As we discussed which is the best software for billing? We now know, billing software plays a crucial role in keeping your business running. It helps you in organizing & keeping records of all transactions. You can generate accurate bills and send them to your customers from the free billing software with no hassle.

If you’re looking to speed up your payments, consider using Marg ERP which comes with integrated payment solutions and online banking. This one-stop solution brings inventory management, expense tracking, auto-bank reconciliation, automated bill payments, auto-reminders to customers, delivery, and more.

With Marg ERP, you can save up to 3-4 hrs per day. In fact, businesses that use Marg also earn up to Rs. 20,000 extra. Book a demo today to see how Marg can help streamline your business.


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