GSTR-3B: Filing made easier with GSTR 3B format


What is GSTR-3B?

GSTR-3B is a simple form that summarizes a taxpayer’s returns every month. As a taxpayer, you will need to fill in the details and submit the form on a monthly basis all along the nine months starting from July 2019. GSTR-3B does not require invoice level information. It just requires accumulating and listing the total values of sales and purchases for your business.

As a taxpayer,

  • You need to file separate GSTR-3B for each GSTIN
  • You cannot revise GSTR-3B
  • Tax liable for GSTR-3B must be paid by the last date of the month in which you are filing GSTR-3B

Who needs to file GSTR-3B?

GSTR-3B must be filed by every taxpayer registered under the GST regime. Even if you have nil or less significant transaction for a specific month, you need to file GSTR-3B at regular intervals. In case you are a composition dealer, an input service distributor, a supplier of online information & database access or retrieval services, or a non-resident taxable Indian, you need not file GSTR-3B.

What is the penalty for not filing GSTR-3B or filing it late?

It is mandatory to file GSTR-3B even if you have nil transactions. If you delay the submission, you will have to pay late fees as follows –

  • INR 50 per day of delay; if you have transactions to account for in your returns
  • INR 20 per day of delay; if you are filing nil GSTR-3B
  • 18% interest per annum on your dues; if you fail to pay the GST amount by the due date
  • 100% penalty on your tax amount; if you miss the GST payments deliberately

Why comparing GSTR-3B with GSTR-2A and GSTR-1 is essential?

Reconciliation of GSTR-2A with GSTR-3B is important to:

  • Avoid notice from the GST department in case of any discrepancy in the input tax credit claims in GSTR-3B
  • Get to know if you miss any input tax credit
  • Notify the supplier in case he failed to upload the invoice details on GSTR-1

Reconciliation of GSTR-1 with GSTR-3B is important to:

  • Eliminate any interest or penalties levied due to short payment of tax
  • Get to know in case you miss any invoice or have duplicate invoices
  • Let the recipient claim precise input tax credit depending on GSTR-2A
Frequently Asked Questions about GSTR-3B
  1. There were no sales or purchases in my firm this month. Should I still file GSTR-3B?

Yes, it is inevitable to file GSTR-3B monthly for every person registered under the GST regime, even if you made no transactions.

  1. I got two GSTINs. One belongs to Mumbai, and the other is based in Gujarat. Can I file the same GSTR-3B for both?

No, you cannot club GSTR-3B. It is mandatory to file separate GSTR-3B for each GSTIN.

  1. Is it essential to provide invoice-wise details in GSTR-3B?

GSTR-3B does not require inputting invoice-wise details. Entering consolidated numbers will do.

  1. Does GSTR-3B do any invoice matching?

 As GSTR-3B is a self-declaration, there is no invoice matching done on it.

  1. After filing GSTR-3B, do I still need to file GSTR-1, GSTR-2, and GSTR-3?

GSTR-1 must be filed on a monthly or quarterly basis. GSTR-3B needs to be filed every month, whereas the GST Council will soon declare filing of GSTR-2 and GSTR-3.


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