How Much Does Billing Software Cost – All You Need to Know


To function effectively, every business owner relies on dependable, high-tech software for billing. Software for billing assists business owners in managing their cash flow and ensuring they the paid on time.

Nowadays most of this is done online with the help of software for billing. Over the last several years, businesses have seen a transformation from traditional methods to online mediums. Despite the growing use of billing software for business automation, there is still more to go with software for billing.

As we move forward in trends & markets, with the growing requirements of business billing software cost in India also tends to increase. Billing software price usually depends on the requirements of features and tools by the business.

In most of the good billing software available in the market, there is a scope of customization provided to the customers. However, these customizations may cause you an extra penny. Let’s discuss how much does billing software cost in India.

How much does billing software cost?

Billing software price may vary as per the features and services provided by the vendor. Some software is available on a one-time basis, or you could also go for the monthly subscription model. You must first select the program you want to go for.

Then you may go for a monthly subscription or a yearly AMC model. Some businesses provide discounts if you sign up for the yearly membership, and some businesses provide discounts every time you subscribe. So be sure you understand the options available to you before locking the deal.

Free billing software is also available in the market with few restrictions and limited features. In case you plan to expand your business on a large scale you must go for a paid version with more advanced features. If your business is on a very small scale, for instance, you only bill 10-15 customers per month you can go for free billing software.

In general, software for billing cost in India may vary anywhere from 1K – 100K depending on the nature of the business and the features the software is offering. Let’s discuss how much does billing software cost in India in detail.

Price Break-up

Good software for billing typically costs Rs. 8000-9000 per year. The one-time fee is Rs. 8000-9000 for the basic plan. Premium plans can range from Rs. 12000-25000 including setup & service charges. Additional GST will be 18% added extra. Additional costs might range between Rs. 1000 – Rs. 20,000 per year.

The organization’s size and the number of users determine the billing software cost in India. The need for on-site servers, card swipe machines, barcode scanners, POS terminals, etc also adds up to the billing software cost in India.

Web-based or cloud software is hosted on an online cloud server and can range from Rs. 750 – Rs. 2100 per month. Cloud-based software provides you with the liberty to manage your business from anywhere on any device, saving the cost of hardware & in-house server requirements.

Many software providers additionally charge for each invoice generated. It may be a fixed charge per invoice, or it may be a portion of the claims that are processed through the software.

Other considerations include the number of users who uses the software. These all-hidden charges also add up to the billing software price, so you have to be very careful about the same. Make sure you understand all the terms & conditions well in advance of time.

Additional Costs

There may be additional costs if you need to purchase computers, bandwidth upgrades, and other hardware for your billing staff. It’s smart to add these additional costs when determining your budget. Here is a list of some additional costs that you may expect to pay when getting billing software.

  • Software Training – Rs.1000- Rs. 5000
  • Software Licence – Rs. 2000- Rs2500 per user
  • Annual Maintenance Charge- Rs. Rs. 3000- Rs. 5000
  • IT/ Tech support (Optional)- Rs. 0- Rs. 1000 per visit

Overall Costs

In the end, the final billing software price will range from Rs. 8000- Rs. 50000 or more depending on your software requirements.


Now that we have discussed how much does billing software cost in India, it should be an easy pick for you. The first thing you need to do is just pen down your requirements and pick the best-suited software for billing at the most affordable price.

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