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Amendment & Cancellation of e-Invoicing – Steps How to Amend and Cancel E-Invoice?


Recent Updates on e-Invoicing:

10th May 2023

The implementation of the 6th phase of e-invoicing has been announced by the CBIC, in accordance with the government’s aim to move towards a digital economy. Beginning on August 1st, 2023, companies that have had an annual turnover of ₹5 crore or more since 2017-18 will be required to generate e-invoices.

11 October 2022

E-invoicing may be mandatory for business owners whose turnover is over 5 crore or more from january 1, 2023. Also, by the end of that fiscal yeat it will be expanded to 1 crore or, more. Currently e-invoicing is applicable on the enterprise whose turnover is 10 crore.

16 August 2022

As per the government’s new guidelines, taxpayers whose annual revenue surpasses Rs. 10 crores must now use the e-invoicing system.

Now it is mandatory that, GST-registered individuals must upload all B2B invoices to the invoice registration portal to use the e-invoicing system (IRP). The IRP generates and sends to the user an electronic invoice that has been digitally signed, a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN), and a QR code.

4th July 2022

According to a government official, in order to lower the barrier from the existing Rs 20 crore, the government intends to make GST e-invoicing mandatory for businesses with a turnover of Rs 10 crore and higher from 1-10-2022.

24th February 2022

According to Notification No. 1/2022, the e-Invoicing system will be made available to businesses with an annual turnover of more than Rs. 20 crore and up to Rs. 50 crore as of April 1, 2022.

30th June 2021

The CBIC has issued a notification proposing to waive the penalty imposed for non-compliance with dynamic QR code regulations for B2C invoices between December 1, 2020, and September 30, 2021.

1st June 2021

A government department and local authority are exempt from the e-invoicing system, according to CBIC’s Central Tax Notification No. 23, dated June 1, 2021.

30th March 2021

The CBIC has published a notification to waive the fine for failing to follow the rules for dynamic QR codes for B2C invoicing between 1 December 2020 and 30 June 2021, provided that the person in question complies with the notification’s requirements starting on 1 July 2021.


e-Invoicing Becomes Mandatory form 1st April 2022

From April 1, 2022, e-invoicing will mandatory for businesses with a turnover ₹20 crore+.
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Amendment & Cancellation- Overview & Procedure

E-Invoice can only be cancelled on the IRP within 24 hours of generation of the IRN. This mainly happens because the IRP servers do not store e-Invoices for more than 24 hours. However, if an e-Way Bill has already been generated against the IRN, it can’t be cancelled.

Partial cancellation of e-Invoice is not possible; hence, the complete invoice could be cancelled. Moreover, no amendments to the e-invoice can be done. In case, any changes required for the invoice details uploaded on the IRP, then; it can be only done through the GST portal while filing GSTR-1. However, these changes will be moved forward to the concerned officer, who may request further information from the taxpayer.

Procedure to Cancel an E-Invoice on IRP

There may be various reasons for the cancellation of the e-invoices and some of them are as follows:

  • Cancellation of the order by a buyer
  • Incorrect entry of any goods mentioned in the bill
  • The duplicate entry of the same bill etc.

To cancel an e-Invoice on the IRP, a taxpayer needs to follow the given steps:

Step 1: Firstly, Log in to the e-Invoice portal, thereafter in the left section of the portal select the option ‘E-invoice’.

Now in ‘E-invoice’ Tab select ‘Cancel’.

Log in to the e-Invoice portal

Step 2:

E-invoice cancel window will appear

  • Mention the basis of cancellation of the e-invoice i.e. ‘Ack No or IRN’
  1. Select ‘Ack No’
  2. Now in ‘Enter ACK no’ mention you acknowledgement no of your invoice
  3. Click on ‘Go’

E-invoice cancel window

Thereafter the portal will display that the invoice has been successfully cancelled. And the cancelled e-Invoice will be displayed with a ‘Cancelled’ watermark.

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Points to Remember

  • If an IRN will be cancelled, then, the same invoice number cannot be used again to generate another IRN. If it will be used again, the invoice will be rejected by the IRP, when reported. This is because, IRN is a unique reference number for invoices generated based on the GSTIN, document/ invoice number, type of document & financial year it has been issued in.
  • If an e-way bill for an IRN has been generated then cancellation of IRN will not be permitted by the IRP.
  • In case an IRN will be cancelled, then GSTR-1 will also be automatically updated with ‘cancelled’ status.
  • If an invoice has to be cancelled after 24 hours, the taxpayers can only cancel the same manually on the GST portal before filing the GST returns.
  • Amendments in the e-Invoice are allowed only through the GST portal as per the provisions of GST law.

Frequently Asked

  • E-Invoice can’t be cancelled partially. It needs to be fully cancelled.
  • The e-invoice mechanism enables the invoices to be cancelled only on the IRP portal within 24 hours. Any cancellation after the defined time period i.e.24hrs is not possible on IRN; however, it can be cancelled manually on GST portal before filing the returns.

  • Amendments to the e-invoice are only allowed on GST portal as per the provisions of GST council.

  • Yes, the e-invoice schema also includes the export invoices. The e-invoice schema is based on the most common standard. This will help a buyer’s system to understand the e-invoice.

Yes, it permits the declaration of export invoices / zero-rated supplies.

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