Best Billing & Invoicing Software For Small & Medium Businesses in India


Introduction of Billing Software For Small Business

The billing software or system is the most crucial & important part of any business. In an organization, the billing system is responsible for carrying out all transactions & processes seamlessly. A lot of things depend on the selection of the billing system. In modern times, billing system has been prominent in helping businesses improve efficiency & billing speed.

What is a Billing & Invoicing Software?

Billing & invoicing software is the combination of hardware & software that helps generate bills & GST invoices for the sold item seamlessly for the customers. In recent times, billing software are equipped with features that allow the bills to be sent to customers online & offline. The billing software for small business in India should have the following features:

  • Keep track of sales and payments received
  • Manage cash flow
  • Generate error-free bills and invoices
  • Optimize business processes

What are the Salient Features of the Billing Software?


There are varied billing and invoicing requirements in each business. Therefore it is essential that the invoicing in the billing software must be customizable. The billing system must allow the businesses to include all required details and change the invoices as per the requirements.

Data backup

In real billing software create a huge stock of data, therefore it becomes necessary to keep the data secure. The billing systems should create a backup either offline or online automatically to save manual errors & negligence. The data is very important for any business having lost it may cause serious losses. Billing System also provides easy data extraction for tax return filing and any other usage.


As per the government guidelines, e-invoicing is mandatory for businesses with a turnover above Rs 20 Crores. The billing software must be compliant with all the norms & generate e-invoices easily.

GST Ready

As GST is mandatory for most of the business types, the billing software must be compliant with all GST norms. It should allow the user to directly file GST return from the system itself.

Statistics & Reports

Billing software or system help generate reports that saves time and cost of preparing reports for better analysis. Reporting is a huge benefit for the businesses.

Payment Features

Billing systems must include payment gateways & QR codes to facilitate online payments easily. This also provides for easy reconciliation of payments received.

Takeaways: Billing Software in India for Small Businesses

Marg ERP is a billing software for small businesses in India that allows one to select plans based on business requirements. Marg ERP also provides complete data migration support for customers who want to switch to billing & invoicing software solutions.
The right billing system can immensely impact your business by improving efficiency. Since billing is the most important part of a business, investing in a billing system can be beneficial in the long run.

Commonly Asked Questions on Billing Software for Small Businesses

Marg ERP is the best billing software with unique and advanced features.

Key components of the billing system are: Tools for Customer Management, Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), Billing, Charging, and Rating, Tools for Revenue Protection, Financials, and Reports.

Any business's billing system is essential. The billing system handles all transactions and operations in a company.

A billing system's objective is to alert consumers when a payment is due and to process those payments quickly. However, without a good billing system, you'll be forced to contact clients and plead for money on your own.


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